汎銓科技全新引進 FEI Talos TEM設備

大幅提升EDS (Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy 能量分散分析光譜) 分析能力,提供更高品質的 ZC (atomic number contrast) 影像。汎銓科技擁有業界最廣泛的TEM佈局, 同時提供日系/美系TEM的分析影像滿足客戶所有的需求!




TEM Analysis on Samsung S6 Mobile Phone CPU




TEM capability

MSS was ready to face next generation challenge and have capability to prepare ~ 5nm sample.



TEM/EDS capability

● Excellent High Resolution Lattice Image
S6 DRAM EDS data


Microstructure analysis: lattice image, IC process monitor, crystal defect observation.
Phase identification and composition analysis.


a TEM inspection of the multi-metal-layer process with Cu dual-damascene structure


b IC structure observation


c High resolution TEM with the atomic scale resolution


d Grain size distribution measurement


e TEM/EDS analysis for study of Sn whisker growth, the composition distribution of Sn whisker.

TEM inspection of LED MQWs and dislocation distribution.




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